Project Summary

JR East has the transportation infrastructure to move a in-flow of Tourists coming into Japan are essential to not only the economy but also the continuous cultural exchange between Japan and the World.

One problem that we will see an exponential number of questions that these first-time travelers will burden the current JR East team who are predominantly Non-English Speakers.

We propose to:

  1. Conversational Data Mining

  2. Native English Application

  3. IBM Watson AI Creation

  4. API to all digital media channels

To assist the flow of all foreign travelers before 2020. The JR East Chatbot will reduce the time needed for current JR East team to spend answering each traveler’s question by using an AI to answer all of their questions.

Team Structure

Joint Venture between JR East and Monita GK with Eric Wang as Project Lead.

Eric is Taiwanese-American who learned Japanese within 2 years of starting his marketing business in Japan. With experience working at FB HQ in the US in algorithm and AI, he is the best candidate to be able to teach JR East AI with perfect Native Level English and be able to support the entire Japan Transportation Infrastructure within 600 Days and implement it before 2020 Tokyo Olympics.